Your Turn

I know I like going on and on about my writing, but I don’t believe you’ve ever read any of it.

I’ve been wanting to post a short story here on my blog for a while now but never had any inspiration, so now it’s up to you (the subscriber) to decide what I should post next.

Here’s what you need to do. In the comments give me a genre I can write my short story in and an idea for plot. The idea can only be one sentence long.

Make sense? Then I’ll add up all the requested genres and the genre most asked for I’ll write in (If historical fiction wins, I shall lock you up in Mt. Doom with Smaug).

Then I’ll choose the idea sentence I like best.

I’ll announce the winning genre and idea next week and I’ll post the story story the week after.

Have fun! I look forward to writing this short story.

Emily out.

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