Character Interview: Erin Shadows (And the occasional interruption of other characters)

Appears in a puff of smoke. Hello, I have emerged from my writing cloud to give you an interview with one of my characters: Erin Shadows. Now this is the first time I’ve done this, so I hope Erin doesn’t get to irritated and, um…never mind. So, let’s begin. Looks at paper.

Erin Shadows, correct?

“Indeed. Mind you don’t pronounce Erin wrong though. There’s the name Aaron and then there’s Erin, so watch the pronunciation.”

Righto, got i-

“How about you watch your grammar and pronunciation through this whole interview? We don’t have a place for bad grammar in this tight-nit world Cami has built and perfected.”

Um, okay. I don’t live in your world…So, first question. Ready?

“This is why I’m here, right? Let’s get this over with. I don’t have much time.”

Okay, for your first question, what would you tell your 10-year-old self if you could?

“To except the challenge my pilot instructor gave to fly a Star Arrow.”

And these Star Arrows are big?

“Some of the biggest ships in the galaxies. Their mainly used for war and intergalactic transportation.”

Cool. Question two, What’s something nobody knows about you?

“You did not just ask me that question.”


“Who asks anyone that? This interview is over.”

Wait! Is it because you don’t want Cami to hear? Is there something you don’t want him to know? Oooo.

“Don’t you dare smirk like that. It’s not him.”

Sit back down. Okay, is it Jackson? Is it him?

“Aha! I knew she was hiding something!”

Jackson, get back backstage. Your interview will be another day. No, seriously. Your captain is getting really mad.


Go! Now!


Hehe, back to you Erin. What’s something nobody knows about you?


Tackles Jackson backstage


Wow! How interesting! Looks up from floor No one would know by looking at your cold…hard…sarcastic…never mind.

“Can we please have the next question?”

Grabs paper Question three, you’re charged with a crime you didn’t commit. What do you do?

“I would grab my energy pistol and-”

Sorry what? That’s seems rather ruthless…and can you keep your I-can-do-and-say-whatever-I-want-because-I’m-so-powerful-and-feared side down? This is an interview everyone is supposed to be able to see…try that again.

“I’ll keep that classified.”

Sure…question four, you’re charged with a crime you did commit. What do you do?

“Ah, even if I did commit a crime, no one would know.”

That’s interesting and I shan’t delve further into that…question five, what’s the biggest compliment you would give yourself?

“You just dared to ask me that? I didn’t think you had it in you. That I was the best pilot in the galaxies.”

Maybe you should take me flying one day. Question five, what is the meaning of life to you?

“To gain power.”

But for some people, that’s not possible.

“It’s possible for anyone. It’s about who you know. I could have simply been thrown into the Collectorien star fleet and would have been just another pilot. But if it hadn’t been for Cami taking a course in flight on that one day, I wouldn’t be here.”

I’m starting another argument so I’ll just move on. Question six, what is your favorite song?

“I don’t have time to listen to music!”

You should make time! Music is very relaxing. It would suit you.

“Maybe I’ll take it into consideration.”

Good. Question seven, what childhood injustice did you never get over?


I’m sorry?

“You asked that on purpose!”

Well, yes. All the questions are ask-

“Must you remind me of the childhood day of horror! My whole life was altered because of that day!”

You’re overdoing it big time now.

“But why!”

“That day! It was just a normal night. I was excited because soon we were to leave for Mars, another step in populating our solar system.”

What happened?

“I was watching the skies. Gazing into space, looking at the stars, lost in thought, when a shadow fell over me. It was a Kavaeren ship.”

That sound bad.

“Bad? It was terrible! A race known for unmercifully destroying plants! And they don’t do it for sport, they’re paid. And the most frightening thing is, we don’t know who by! I believe I was one of the few that escaped. I flew up into Earth’s atmosphere in the Comet but they knocked me into space with an energy bullet. The next thing I know is that I’ve crash landed on Mars. I came out alive, but Earth is gone, my family, and the Comet. Thankfully Cami hired me and I was granted a custom made star ship which resembled the Comet. But it still wasn’t the same.”

You seem emotionally unstable right know which is very rare for you, so I’ll just move on.

“Go on then.”

Question eight, what is the worst movie in existence? Do people still make movies in your time frame?

“Yes they do. But only a certain category of people watch them. I may fall into that category…the worst movie in existence is…Stranders.

Never heard of it.

“Look, if you make it another thousand years to where I am, you’ll watch it and see how terrible it is.”

Nods. Question nine, Say you had to learn one method of self-defense, and that one method only. You couldn’t use anything else if you were in a hostile situation. What method of self-defense would you choose to learn, use and trust?

“My bodyguards?”

Is that a question or an answer?

“Yeah, my bodyguards protect me.”

That’s cool. Question 10, last one Erin, if you could hit a reset button on you life, would you?

“No and yes. I say no because my life has fallen into place so delicately I don’t want to break it, and yes because maybe I could stop Earth from becoming inhabitable and I could save my family.”

Well, thank you for joining me for this interview. Any ideas on who I should interview next?


Jackson, no.

“No, me!”

Not you either, Laodicea.

“You should go with Cami.”

Thanks Erin, sounds like a plan. Now all you characters get outta here!

“Hey, we aren’t just characters, we’re important!”

Thank you Jackson. I know that.

“Then why’d you say it?”

Goodbye Jackson! Right, next time I interview a character, it will be the mysterious Supreme Collector Cami. And thanks for bearing with me. Erin has a very strong mind of her own.

~Emmy out

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