Course to Earth: A Novel

If you read my post Writing a Novel: Pros and Cons, Then you know that I’m working on my first novel: Course to Earth.

The genre is futuristic/sci-fi and when it comes to characters, I was really surprised at how incredible they came out. My main character is Erin Shadows: Once a genius mastermind, but is now a cold, sarcastic, Collector without a scrap of detectable love or care in her. Her heart became cold when Earth’s atmosphere was destroyed, abandoned and very few escaped. She discovered her family had died in the process of helping people evacuate in air ships.

She had escaped because she was the first to see the extraterrestrials (Kavers) that did the deed and flew in her mimi star ship to investigate before they rendered Earth uninhabitable. She was knocked out of orbit by an energy bolt and crash landed on Mars some hours later. The Collectors, a slowly rising, powerful association, found her devastated and lost and put her into an academy so she could become a pilot for them. She was five years old at this point. Eight years later she met Cami as he trained in the art of personal defence. They became good friends, exploration technology skyrocketed and nineteen galaxies were quickly explored and populated. Cami rose to power and in a daring act, banished the current leaders and appointed himself Supreme Collector Cami. The banishment he did in secret and no one actually caught wind of it. He quickly set up a very tight and smooth trade system and placed his good friend, Erin Shadows, as its top security guard. She kept the trade routes operational and secure. Nothing could get in and out of it. This required little work after Erin displayed a ruthless act of shooting several head members of a industry that were breaking bounds in the trade system and doing illegal trading and incinerated their HQ. No one ever stepped out of line again.

But now enough backstory, the point is I’m writing this book and I want it published within the year. I also have some other characters: Sander, Jackson, Dusk, Laodicea, and Jacker.

I will have a character interview with one of my characters soon, so stay tuned for it.

~Emily M. Is now exiting

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