Writing a Novel: Pros and Cons

I’m a writer. I don’t know about you, but I am. And once you start writing, you can’t stop. Not because you don’t want to. Because you just can’t.

I’m working on my first novel. And if your thinking about starting one of your own, you should know what you’re doing to yourself.

Right, let’s start with the bad news:

The Cons of Writing (And some tips to help smooth cons out)

So you hear your friend wrote a book. How cool! You think. What if I became a writer? What if I wrote a book? So you sign up for some writing workshop, sit down with a coffee in one hand and a pen in the other, with your computer in front of you and a notepad beside you in a cute coffee shop at their best table beside the window overlooking the street. You sit for a while and daydream before actually getting ideas and realizing your coffee is cold. Then plot possibilities start forming, and character personalities, and names, and settings, and climaxes, oh my! Suddenly you have a novel!

Okay, so that’s not how romantic writing is. It’s actually really hard and time consuming. The cons of writing are:

  • Once you get an idea, more flood in and you get frustrated and stressed because writing so many down seems hopeless! But don’t worry! You will always be getting ideas, that’s natural. Just write down the top three you think are the best and come back to them later. Now you have something to work off of when it’s time to begin a new masterpiece.
  • It can take weeks, up to months to complete your first chapter. You get worried because this is the first chapter, it’s the very first thing readers will read and it must be perfect. Ha! Throw the first chapter out the window, come back to it later after it’s sat in the rosebush under your window for a while and perfect it then. Don’t forget, your first chapter could become your thirty-second chapter! Feel free to write other characters before completing the first one.
  • You can’t stop writing after you begin. Why? Because in the middle of your novel, you think I can do this! I’m a writing pro!, And start five new projects. Uh oh, now you have to finish those too. Whew, I finally fished everything. I’m not going to allow myself that many projects at once again. But they do creep in again. Now that you’ve started a new novel, you say to yourself I can handle just one other project…Then they once again distract you from your original WIP. Okay yes, I’m guilty of this and this is the way I handle it: Alarm goes off at 6:30 a.m. I get out of bed at 6:40 (Who doesn’t hit snooze?!). I get my computer and then do devotions till 7:00. From 7 to 7:30, I write. No social media. Just write on your projects. If you have multiple projects, write on one different one ever morning until they’ve been completed! (The only exception is if you signed up for the Write a Novel in a Month and then you just write on your one project until your hand falls off.)

So there are some cons. How about the good news: Pros.

The Pros of Writing

You’re back in the coffee shop. Pen in one hand. Hot coffee in the other. And your world slowly is coming together like bread and butter. This book is truly a masterpiece.

Writing also has many pros.

  • Every idea you’ve ever had can come to life. You can fly a dragon and her rider over a majestic mountain range and dive into one of those raging fantasy battles. You can change the whole world when your character is launched back into time in one of those sci-fi time machine stories. Romances can flourish in their own unique way as you write some more.
  • Chose any POV you want (That means Point Of View. Not Pathetically Obvious Violins). You never liked reading books written in third person? Write in first person. Never liked reading books in first? Write in third person. Never liked reading in either first or third person? Write in second person! No one will judge!
  • You can create your character as the person you’ve always wanted yourself to be! I’m not saying you have too. It’s just a suggestion. Your characters can be completely unique.

The point is, you can make your book whatever you want to it be. Writing your first novel? Stuck? I know some great people who could assist you on Story Embers. And I’ll try and give advice too if you saw please. 😉

See you in the novel’s pages!

~Emily is now exiting~

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