I’ve Entered The Blog World

I’m finally here. After seeing some of my internet friends make blogs, I decided that I wanted one. (It’s seems kind of trendy right now. 😉)

Blogs look like such a easy thing to whip up and write on. But, yeah, it’s not so easy for a beginner and I’m really lost right now…and this is turning out like a small introductory post.

Writers write. Dreamers talk about it.

Jerry Jenkins

So I guess I’ll work off that quote and just go for it. Write my short stories and talk about my dreams.

Haha, but please, if you’re a blogger, tips are very welcome.

Okay, this introduction is a mess (like my desk!) and now I’m moving on.

Emily M. is now exiting.

8 thoughts on “I’ve Entered The Blog World

  1. Skunindoo

    Hello I know you’re from Christward but I don’t know who you are… on Christward would you mind telling me. I booked marked this blog but did not make a note of who’s blog it is.

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